Process   Steps

Product Process Steps

We are able to respond quickly and accurately to customer's demands with a maximum lead time of within 2 weeks for MCA heater which is a high level of difficulty related to repairing (complete overhaul including dimple regeneration, shape and performance are better than new products)

Surface inspection Flatness inspection Cable Resistance Inspection

Level 1-A

Bellows leak Test

Level 1-B

Bellows Replacement

Level 2-A

Emboss Cleaning Flatness Control

Level 2-B

Dimple Renewable & Adjustment

Level 2-C

Emboss Inspection (3D Test)

Level 3-A

SUS Cover Open & Close Part Replacement

Level 3-B

Inner Broken Cable, Broken Terminal Cable Replacement

Level 4-A

SUS Cover Open & Close

Level 4-B

Helium line Leak welding

Final A

Broken Parts Replacement

Final B

Leak, Chucking & De-chucking Temperature Uniformity

Final C

Broken Parts Replacement

Process Detail - Level 3 ~ 4

SUS Cover Open

Remove Damaged Parts

New Parts Assembly Replacement

Laser Welding

Helium line welding

Shaft Welding