Production   Process

IMNANOTECH Production Process

IMNANOTECH have world-class technology in the field of refurbishing of MCA heaters, ceramic heaters and magnet assemblies.

Level 01

Bellows replacement technology

Level 02

Possession of dimple reproduction technology

Level 03

Repair the damaged parts of the internal parts after removing the SUS cover

Level 04

Welding and metalizing repair technology after repairing terminal and helium line between SUS Cover and ALN

Core Technology

MCA Heater (PVD Process)

Ceramic Heater (CVD Process)


Repairing of electrical part such as joining wiring and pole etc.

Coating of puck (base plate)
(dimple reproduction process)

Grinding and dimple reprodcution
of puck (base plate)

Satisfies acceptance criteria
includingi horizontality

Regeneration Technology

Major Component Failure IMNANOTECH Solution
Bellows Leak Bellows Replacement Refurbishment
Like New OEM
Helium Line Leak Helium Line Welding
Between SUS Cover & ALN Plate Leak Welding
Uniformity Chucking, Temperature(Broken) Dimple Renewal Uniformity Luminous
Electric Resistance (Not Uniformity) Heater TC Terminal & TC Replacement